Boomer Life... in the digital age
Boomer Life...                                in the digital age

Boomer Life... in the digital age

As a full-service technology training and consulting firm, Boomer Life offers the following services:


Digital Literacy Learning Seminars

Learning about the digital devices (gadgets) available today sometimes can seem like an insurmountable task. Getting reliable and understandable information from family, neighbors or friends can be problemmatic. They might not understand what you want to do. They might not realize what you know, or need to know, about these gadgets (digital devices). Our team of technology experts understands every aspect of technology training and learning (Digital Literacy Learning Seminars) — from planning to event management and delivery.


Technology Needs Assessments

What is it that YOU want to accomplish? What do YOU want to do using some "newfangled gadget" (computer, tablet, smartphone, or ...?)  Working together with our technology trainers, we help you identify your capabilities and weaknesses. Then we help you set priorities that match your personal and budget requirements. We help you identify what you need to do what it is you want to do using the technology available to you!


How to use it and/or have us fix it!

Setting up your new computer or new gadget can cause nightmares for new technology users. Boomer Life offers to help you understand your device(s) and software prior to using it. Sometimes "things" go wrong and the computer just won't work. We can help! Call or text 925-699-7001 for an estimate!

Additional Topics and Services

  • 1:1 and small group tutoring
  • Overview Seminars
    • Broad-based or Product Specific
  • Specific, custom topics tailored to your group
  • Manufacturer product comparisons (Apple vs. Microsoft vs Google)

Tech headaches?

Helping you learn to use your computer or fixing it, Boomer Life can help! Email, text or call us now: or text or call: 925-699-7001

Boomer Life provides computer service, training and consulting and is a GMR Consultants subsidiary.




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