Boomer Life... in the digital age
Boomer Life...                                in the digital age


All things are becoming connected: digitally connected. The Internet or Things (IoT) claims to be making our world "simpler" be connecting everything to everything. The Digital World is confusing. We're here to help!




Boomer Life hosts events for 'Boomers and Seniors to learn about our Digital World and the gadgets we use to interact with it! We create learning activities for using computers, tablets, smartphones, and smart home, connected devices.




We conduct Seminars for groups from 10 to 100's. Our team has planned and managed learning events for more than 30 years. We are confident we can provide a learning event that your group will enjoy!



Digital Literacy Learning Seminars available NOW!

Boomer Life is a full-service Digital Literacy consulting company based in Northern California. We offer specialized, highly customized technology training for individuals and small to medium sized groups. Using thoughtful, technobabble-free language and props, our technology teachers will help you understand the digital world around you from the ground up.

Getting a new device (going from desktop computer to tablet)? Need help learning to use your new device? Lack the resources to do it yourself? You're not alone and you have come to the right place.


We believe the technology you use should meet your specific needs. Use our website to learn more about us and how our customized Digital Literacy Learning Solutions can help you.


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Tech headaches?

Helping you learn to use your computer or fixing it, Boomer Life can help! Email, text or call us now: or text or call: 925-699-7001

Boomer Life provides computer service, training and consulting and is a GMR Consultants subsidiary.




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