Boomer Life... in the digital age
Boomer Life...                                in the digital age

About Us

Boomer Life is an innovative Digital Literacy Learning Solutions consulting firm. We help our clients learn about digital technologies and how to use them in their daily lives.


For more than 30 years, we have been providing reliable computer training and learning solutions to groups in the Northern California area and beyond. Our comprehensive services provide you with unique technology learning solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs.

Founded by Dr. Richard J. O'Keeffe, Ed.D., Boomer Life offers Digital Literacy Learning Solutions and is an outgrowth of his 30-plus years in the technology education industry. Dr. O'Keeffe has conducted computer training (Digital Literacy) events to Fortune 100 business, small and medium-sized business, and groups and individuals. He has presented to groups ranging in size from 10 to 2,000. His casual style creates a learning atmosphere that is both fun and filled with worthwhile content.


Dr. O'Keeffe also has more than 10 years university teaching experience and gained the honor of Professor status at a private Northern California university.


Dr. O'Keeffe brings his passion for all things digital in daily life to each seminar. He believes strongly that as we grow older, we need to stay connected with family, friends and associates. The way to stay connected in today's digital world is to become digitally literate: to know what gadgets are available for you to do what you want to do - easier and more engaged than ever.


Look to our Seminar Leaders for technology guidance, learning and support that allows you to concentrate on your areas of interest. Boomer Life provides Digital Literacy Learning Seminars that simply make good sense.

Tech headaches?

Helping you learn to use your computer or fixing it, Boomer Life can help! Email, text or call us now: or text or call: 925-699-7001

Boomer Life provides computer service, training and consulting and is a GMR Consultants subsidiary.




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